CBT Explained

The world’s best proven psychological treatment

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an umbrella term for a group of psychological treatments that emphasize the profound links between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. CBT provides structured, practical skills and techniques to help you change the patterns of negative thoughts and behaviours that cause you emotional distress and interfere with your life.

CBT is distinct from other types of psychotherapy because it is…

Scientifically proven: Decades of clinical research have overwhelmingly validated CBT as the most effective non-medicinal treatment for anxiety, depression, traumas, phobias, panic attacks, anger problems, obsessions and compulsions, social phobia, worry and more.

Focused on the present: With CBT you will certainly have the opportunity to discuss your past, but the focus of therapy is on the present—that is, the problems you’re currently experiencing and what’s maintaining them. This here-and-now emphasis results in more meaningful treatment gains in a shorter period of time.

Goal oriented: Traditional psychotherapy often focuses on a different topic each session, depending on what the patient would like to discuss that day. With CBT, we set clear-cut goals for your therapy using a step by step treatment plan that is designed to achieve those goals in a consistent, structured manner.

Active: CBT requires considerable participation from both you and your therapist to help you learn and practice the skills you need to get better. Patients are expected to participate during session and to complete assigned tasks in between sessions, which enables significant improvement to occur quickly.

Brief: CBT treatment is typically short-term and ends when you feel you have achieved sufficient symptom relief. In our experience, successful therapy averages about 10-14 sessions in total (each session being 50 minutes in length). However, the number of sessions you need will depend on the severity of your symptoms and your willingness to engage with the therapy.

CBT has been rigorously tested and scientifically proven.

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