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Frequently Asked Questions

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a revolutionary treatment for a wide range of psychological disorders. Unlike most forms of "talk" therapy, CBT has a massive body of research behind it, with numerous clinical studies demonstrating its effectiveness. Along with drug therapy, CBT is the only treatment for anxiety disorders and depression recommended by Health Canada.

Unlike other forms of psychotherapy, CBT is:

  • Collaborative - Both the therapist and client are responsible for change.
  • Problem-focused - Problem areas are identified at the outset.
  • Tailored approach - Flexible treatment plans are designed to fit each individual's needs.
  • Practical - CBT provides a detailed explanation of the why's and how's to feeling better.
  • Focused on the "here-and-now" - Though our past experiences can sometimes help us understand the present, CBT is more present-centred and forward-looking.
  • Short-term - On average people require 12 sessions, though some may require fewer or additional sessions.